Introducing: Then, God Made Woman

To be honest, I’m not even sure where to begin. And to be frank, I’m not quite sure this post will adequately describe the full intent and vision of the extension, and notion of what God Thinks I Am is, and ultimately, what it will soon stand for. But, I’ll do my best.

God Thinks I Am has, and always will be about encouraging women to think the highest thoughts about ourselves, to align our thoughts with God’s, and to ultimately become the “highest,” most authentic versions of ourselves. Because, when we do that, and when the aforementioned is fully actualized within each of us, I firmly believe magical things will truly begin to happen.

Contrary to what society may think, women are incredibly remarkable beings, and are an integral and necessary part of the world in which we live in. I mean, seriously. Literally, take two seconds to imagine what this world would be like without women.

Hmm … let’s see.

No mother to of ever comforted us. No Queen to a King. No womb to create life. No human personification of strength that is bold and powerful, yet gentle, and full of love and peace. No fuel to spark change. No continuation of life. No style, and certainly no grace. No ‘mama’s cooking.’ No woman’s touch. No Ester to show us how to deliver our people to freedom. No Ruth to help guide us to our Boaz. No Mary to of given birth to the son of the Most-High God. No you. No … us.

The above is proof that our existence to the world is both significant and magnificent, and the introduction of ‘Then, God Made Woman’ is indeed a celebration of the aforementioned.

And so, our celebration officially begins today. And, it's about YOU. It’s about women. Collectively and individually. And, it’s about helping us truly understand our worth in knowing all the incredible things we can do, with God as our power source.

I hope you're ready for this incredible journey we're about to embark upon,

Editor's note: It was really important that the creative elements for the Then, God Made Woman campaign were taken through the lens and perspective of a women's point of view, and I'm super happy to say that we were able to do just that : )

Then, God Made Women logo design by the amazing: Irida Mete

Photography by the incredibly talented: Jessica Kobeissi

Beauty and styling by the super dope: Sarah Al-salman

Creative Direction by: Alana Frazier, Founder of God Thinks I Am


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