About God Thinks I Am

God Thinks I Am is on a mission of inspiring women around the world to become her highest, most-authentic self. 

And, within that goal, we are here to remind and encourage you to only think supreme and higher thoughts about yourself - regardless of how anyone else sees you.

We also exist to help you become, and tap into, the incredible woman God created you to be, and believe the foundation of what God Thinks I Am stands for, and the power contained in the mantra, can help take your confidence to incredible new levels.

To start, here are a few power statements that can help transform the way you both THINK and VIEW yourself. Repeat after we:

- God Thinks I Am awesome.

- God Thinks I Am more than enough.

- God Thinks I Am beautiful.

- God Thinks I Am worth it.

- God Thinks I Am capable.

Feels good doesn't it?! 

So, take back your confidence. Own who you are in God, and tap into the power you were born with. Are you with us? 

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"God is within her, she will not fall."  Psalm 46:5


God Thinks I Am

God Thinks I Am is a lifestyle empowerment brand for the chic, modern woman of faith. It is a brand that personify the values, aspirations, goals and self-esteem of women around the world who operate with God as their power source. Founded by Alana Frazier, the life-changing platform operates as an empowerment blog, produces encouraging editorial content, and maintains a clean, stylish and minimalist online store with apparel and accessories that help women normalize higher levels of thinking, and feel like art.