About God Thinks I Am

God Thinks I Am is my prayer and dream manifested. It is God’s message and art through me.

Months before being met with the mantra now known as God Thinks I Am, I vividly remember having this deep desire ... a yearning to give birth to my life's purpose. 

I didn't know it then, but I was entering into a new paradigm -- a shift that would propel me into the work of serving and empowering God's daughter's ... the work of empowering and serving 'you.' 

To encourage you to stop shrinking yourself, and to instead believe in the power of God within you. To view yourself as art, worthy, excellent and capable of doing all the things that He’s called you to do.

That is our foundation. And know that it is my highest honor, and life's work, to aide in helping you view yourself in the highest form.

With our collection, I promise you'll find stylish basics that will uplift and empower you.

I sincerely hope our brand creates a new path for you to express your faith in a chic, and stylish way, and that our apparel lines, “God Thinks I Am,” “Then, God Made Woman,” and “Higher Thoughts” serve as proclamations of power and purpose that elevate how you live.

Alana Frazier
founder, God Thinks I Am