Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter _ God Thinks I Am

To be honest, as a black woman, I’m not even sure where to begin. And to be frank, I’m not quite sure this note will adequately describe the full range of my thoughts and emotions, along with my hope ... my prayer, on the rebirth and vision of what our nation deserves to become. However, this post will serve as my first attempt:

Outside of the faux paradigms of aggregated conversations and pseudo action within the realms of social platforms, I believe with every depth and every part of me that black life, and black people, are profoundly significant. 

One thing I know for certain: There is substantial proof that our culture has perpetuated  the ideology that not everyone feels the same way I do. Because beyond the hashtags and online discourse, I will tell you that America's love for black people is only 'skin-deep' -- Lacking in depth, fleeting and thoroughly insignificant.

But, doesn't the Scriptures constitute love as something that always protects, always hopes for, and one that always perseveres ? 

With that definition in mind, is your 'love' protecting our black brothers and sisters? Tell me, is your 'love' fighting for black people?

Interconnected as one to God, and interconnected as one body as His people, I am asking a long overdue request: To fight with us -- A fight that I am classifying as a spiritual warfare. A fight of good and evil. A fight of right and wrong, a fight of light and darkness. A fight of righteousness and injustice. A fight of standing up for God’s people.

So where do we, as God's people, go from here?

As a non-black person, here's what can you do:

Private outrage is a start, but know that it is not enough. Reaching out to your black friend is immensely appreciated, but know that it is not enough. Because, "Action is the real obligation of the ally." To start, seek God's word on race -- There's a plan on the Bible App called "I Have Questions: Why I Should I Care About Race" that could serve as a starting point. Additionally, it is important to pray for black people, protest for black people, sign petitions for black people, donate to black organizations, amplify black voices, hire black people, support black businesses, vote for black leaders, speak up against injustice in your own circles of influence, and educate yourself on the harsh realities of the systemic and institutionalized racism built into our social, political and educational systems.

To my Dear Black Women

Keep your head up high, keep doing the work you do so brilliantly, and keep praying. I see you. I love you. I am you.  

What will God Thinks I Am do?

1) A portion of all sales will now benefit the Color of Change movement, the nation's largest online racial justice organization. 2) We will continue to write faith-based content to help provide solace in these unprecedented and difficult times. 3) We will continue to feature and highlight black women of faith throughout our platforms. 4) We will pray for the continued progress in the fair and equal treatment of black people. 5) We will pray for the deeply needed change of the hearts of those in this country. 6) We will pray that that the world begins to see Black people the way God does: Beautiful, Kind, Talented, Brilliant, and Powerful.

Black Lives Matter.

Founder, God Thinks I Am