Then, God Made RUTH

Then, God Made Woman - Ruth


my condolences to you
for the loss
of your husband
and, for the loss of your
potential to be a mother

tell me,
did you yourself feel
or did the depths of loyalty reign supreme
and rescue you?

to your mother-in-law, you said:
"where you go i will go,
and where you stay i will stay.
your people will be my people
and your God my God.
where you die i will die …”

loyal to the bone
a ‘rider,’ …
yea, that’s what i would call you

so, here you are
a widow
now in Bethlehem
with Naomi
serving the God of the earth
working on a farm

but that ‘farm?,’
God saw it as your
promise land

hard at work,
being obedient to the life God called for you,
that’s when he saw you

‘who is she?’
said Boaz

a confident woman
you let it be known to Boaz that you could be his for marriage
that you could become one with him

he said
you were a prize
and that,
you were courageous
he fought to have you

he fought to treat you like a

for you were
loyal, courageous
and, a servant of God

not every woman possess.

words by: Alana Frazier, founder, God Thinks I Am