Then, God Made ALICIA

A poem written by our founder, for her twin sister and #1 supporter, on their birthday.

My Thoroughest Girl

created and formed alongside you,
we are both
the singular product of our mother’s womb.

womb mate.

a more substantive conjunction of words
deeper than the now reduced
term that has become glamorized to simply reflect
a category of friendship
temporal similarities ...

do they realize that
my first heart beat was beside you?

twin love.

my forever mate of the soul
and surely my thoroughest girl

we built a bond that has created
a new paradigm of what it means
to be one

this i know for sure
God intended me to
enter into, and walk this world with you.

you see
you have to understand
that between our mother and you,
how can i question God’s existence?

a reflection of God you are
a representative of a love that is
unconditional and,
reminiscent of the way
Paul so eloquently defines in Corinthians.


a day that will forever be known
as one where the sun beamed,
and smiled at the forthcoming birth
of you

because you are
a shining star ...
one who’s light has shined so brightly,
and brilliantly.

and so,
as you make another glorious trip around the sun,
i pray you know that 'this'
is your new year,

the ultimate
a year of your
formal baptism,
the ultimate
rebirth of you.

the year you dream louder.

the year you finally realize you are one with the sun.

words by: Alana Frazier, founder, God Thinks I Am