Then, God Made MARY

Then God Made Woman - Mary

Queen Mother

ordinary girl,
with roots not planted by the seeds of royalty or wealth
or the foundational element of fame
God still chose you

the prototype of feminine obedience
clean and without stain
a servant
and, a believer of the work God would do through you

meek, though the heart of a King would beat on the inside of you
you, Mary, were the chosen one

and, the holy womb God chose
to serve as the crib
to the son of the most-High

Queen Mother

one in a trillion
God showed  the world that the ‘impossible’ was indeed
‘possible’ through you

miracle birthed
by Mary,
the virgin … who was soon to be wed to Joseph, but was now pregnant

‘i thought she was a virgin, though?’
and so,
i wonder how you felt
when you heard the sounds of the whispers of those all around you

or, did you only care what God thought about you?

did you only care to do His work?

the embodiment of faith and trust

the icon of womanhood

generations will forever call you blessed

for giving birth to the omnipotent one,
for your willingness
to be used by God
for choosing not to operate in fear
when no one before you had ever set
the precedent
for not caring what anyone else thinks
about you,
and for that,
we should all hold a dear reverence for you

if for no other reason than,
God does too.

Queen Mother                              
words by: Alana Frazier, founder, God Thinks I Am