Then, God Made EVE

Then, God Made Woman - EVE

An original poem dedicated to the first woman to ever live, as part of our Women's History Month celebration.

She Was the First

blamed for committing the first act of sin
for the pain in our stomach, and between our legs
when we elevate in title
from woman
to mother
and when
our body completes its role serving as vessel, giving birth to light
giving birth to

the author and first partaker of human sin they say
but, i
i see you as much more

you were the first
the first QUEEN God ever crowned
and as a descendant,
i, and every subsequent woman after you,
too, assume the aforesaid

W O M A N defined
your beauty is unknown,
however, i imagine it to be unlike anything this world has ever known

a work of art

mother of humanity you are
your existence marked the completion in the development of human-kind
it is only then,
after your creation
did God step away from intricately molding

it is only then,
after your creation
did God feel the design of humankind was
deemed complete

God’s last, and one of his best creations
you are our Mother
we can all trace ourselves back to you

changer of the game you were
in our ability to see that of good and evil

God forgave you, and
you know what?
i, too, sing the song of forgiveness toward you.

E           V          E

words by: Alana Frazier, founder, God Thinks I Am