Then, God Made ESTHER

Then, God Made Woman - Esther

In Each of Us Is Queen

orphan girl
abandoned at birth,
but destiny
would soon crown you

like the sun and the moon,
with beauty
that was
and quiet and loud

for you were art

the crème de le crème of woman.

Queen Esther

that’s what the world will call you

and forever,
we will call you
supreme heroine

teacher of using our breath
and our tongue,
coupled with our minds
and our hearts,
to fulfill God's purpose.

you see,
God rescued you,
and you then,
rescued His people
proving that indeed,
we are made in His image

dream woman

a woman whose existence
proved to be full of doctrine
that we can all
teach our daughters

for you were,
one of God's alpha concepts,
towards the height and elevation of
transforming from the 'girl we are'
into the woman we are to become
the woman God needs us to be

an original hero you were
who had no mother,
and yet,
you were a Mother to the people

and so i wonder,
who taught you how to love so deep?

i can only think,
it was God himself.

words by: Alana Frazier, founder, God Thinks I Am