See Yourself As You Are Seen

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Image source: Pinterest -

Becoming more aware of 'who' you are

It is quite illuminating and fascinating to know, and understand that there is so much power contained in the circumference of our minds. Especially considering the fact we aren’t even using our minds towards its maximum capacity.

While relishing in the fullness and accuracy of the above, I challenge you to also take a few moments to imagine the magnificent power that is contained within the mind of the most-High God … the God who is the Creator, painter and author of the universe, ... the God whom is also the creator of you, who subsequently, thinks supremely of you.

Stick with me here, there is a reason why I set the aforementioned as the tone and foundation to this piece.

Very often, more often than I like to admit, I am the producer of low, and self-deprecating thoughts. Of which, I feel overwhelming symptoms of not feeling successful enough, ... or not feeling beautiful enough according to societal standards , not feeling worthy enough, woman enough … and/or feeling incapable of doing tasks that seem too grandiose beyond my ability.

The Truth is, I am created in the IMAGE of the most-High God, and I am a reflection of Him. Would I use unsuccessful, "unbeautiful", unworthy or unable as descriptors and/or a means to describe God?

With that realization, I began to develop the practice of renewing my state of mind, and daily, I experience a rebirth of sorts. A baptism, ... a form of self-cleansing by standing on the truth and affirmations contained in God’s powerful word.

And so, with that, every day I choose to make the decision to renew my mind, and to view myself from the lens and perspective of how God, my Creator views me. Because, God thinks I am a MASTERPIECE (Ephesians 2:10) ... He thinks I am more than a CONQUEROR (Romans 8:37), He thinks I am a LIGHT of the world (Matthew 5:14), and He thinks I am full of incredible STRENGTH (Colossians 1:11). He thinks I am strong and victorious. Beautiful and powerful. Capable and magnificent, and that through Him I can do all things.

All of the above is precisely how God, the Creator, painter and author of the universe, sees me. The question I have to ask is, is this how I’m willing to view myself?

God thinks I ‘am’ an infinite amount of powerful and incredible things, and because He believes in me, nothing or no one (not even myself) should take away that truth-filled, and magnificently glorious gift.

words by:

Alana Frazier
Founder, God Thinks I Am

As seen on, Brinn from Burbank