How to Practice Self-Love on Valentine’s Day + Beyond


How to Make Self-Talk, Your Best Talk

Valentine’s Day is typically one that is reserved for the outward expression of love toward that of a spouse, partner or loved one. Flowers, candy, trips, perfume, clothing. Everything. You name it. It is categorically, one of the most supreme days in which we show love in its highest form.

But, how incredible would it be if you offered that same love to yourself? Not necessarily in the form of monetary gifts, but through positive, love-filled cognitive affirmations, that are reflective of how God sees, and loves you?

Reminding yourself today, and every day, that you are more than enough. Exceptional. Beautiful. Exquiste. Divine. Capable of achieving everything God has for you, as one of His most magnificent creations.

Because, real talk, 2018 must be the year you move away from being your biggest enemy, to becoming your own best friend. .

It is something I've learned to do and become, and it is my greatest hope of, too, being able to plant the seed of imparting this invaluable lesson within you.

So, without further ado, here are four of my favorite tips on acting and receiving in the form of 'self-love:'

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

No one else in the world is built like you, has your strengths, or your unique 'imperfections' that make you beautifully you. So, stay in your own lane. Carve out your own path. Write your own story. Continue to run your own race.

I once listened to an interview with Oprah and Joel Osteen, and one powerful thing he mentioned was that your success should not be measured on the profiles of those with likes and followers, but instead, it should be based on the strength of asking yourself these two important questions: 'Am I doing my absolute best?' ... 'Am I living the life God has for me?'

That is what success should be defined as, not against a 'free app' where people post, glamorize and filter their highest moments.

2. Make 'Love Notes,' and Write Dope Things About Yourself On Them

For example, your love note could say:

- I have the most beautiful smile.

- I look amazing today!

- I am kind, warm and loving.

- I am worthy of supernatural success and financial abundance.

-  Wherever I go, my light shines brilliantly.

- I am full of power, strength and determination.

- I am a masterpiece. I am art, sculpted by the hands of the most-High God.

Post these notes all around your home, in your office, and/or in your car to remind yourself just how incredible you are. If sticky notes aren't your thing, stand in front of a mirror as often as you can, and verbally recite what I'll call 'a beautiful love letter' to yourself. 

3. Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Stay in Your Head Too Long

As soon as negative thoughts come in your mind, reject them and replace em’ with positive ones. Don’t make the decision to allow them to permeate, and take control of your mind. Just like love drives out hate, and light drives out darkness, let positivity reign supreme over the negativity in your mind. 

4. Replace Bad Thoughts with the Truth and Power of God’s Word

God’s word has a powerful, factual and unwavering response to every one of your negative thoughts, fears and inhibitions.

For example, on the days in which you're not feeling beautiful, the Bible counters those thoughts, and reminds you that indeed you are a masterpiece , fearfully and wonderfully created in God’s image .

Feeling like you’re not enough? The Scriptures tell you that you are the light of the world , that you are chosen , and are exceptionally victorious through the most-High God .

If you're consumed with emotions that are synonymous with feeling scared, nervous or anxious, know that indeed God has not given you a spirit of fear , but instead has both commanded and given you the spirit to be strong and courageous, because He will be with you wherever you go .

The aforementioned are the thoughts that God has imparted to us, and are the ones that He wants us to meditate on. Not ones that represent the antithesis of who we, or the woman who we are striving to become.

Remember to also never be against yourself, whether it be via form of verbal or mental communication. Instead, begin to show yourself the kind of love God shows you ... to believe in yourself the way God does.

My beloved, when you begin to do all of the above, you will brilliantly embark upon the journey of experiencing supernatural peace, powerfully obtaining a renewed mind, and will be the recipient of the eloquent words Paul so beautifully described in 1 Corinthians 13. Absent from the fact that you sought it from those around you, but because you found it in God and yourself.

lots of love + many blessings to you,

founder, God Thinks I Am