Woman of Faith, Wife, Fashion Stylist, and Creator/Host of ‘Now with Natalie’

‘GTIA Muse’ is a celebratory platform of incredibly stylish and purpose-driven woman of faith. Essentially, these women represent the true-life versions (on an amplified level) of the women whom ‘God Thinks I Am’ was intentionally created for. And, for you to see yourself in these women. The effortlessly cool woman who is creative in thought and style, and most importantly is led by faith. With the commencement of Women’s History Month, I thought it was appropriate to reinstate one of my favorite editorial series with a short, but sweet, feature on a woman of faith who is one to watch — Natalie Manuel Lee.

I’ve been following Natalie on social for a while, and it has become quite beautiful to watch her blossom and bloom with purpose, having become obedient to the call that God has over her life. This month, she will be launching a new Hillsong Network series entitled ‘Now with Natalie,’ which will capture a keen perspective on purpose and identity. The interesting angle this show will offer includes substantive conversations with celebrities and cultural influencers, as they unpack their stories of God’s impact on their life, personal significance, transformation, faith, comparison and fame.

Natalie shares her thoughts in an excerpt from an interview below published by Kontrol Mag on serving others through transparency:

I think the greatest way that we as a culture, and as a society can serve other people is to share our story. A lot of times we think vulnerability equates to weakness, when it’s a strength. We need each other. We need each other’s stories. The whole purpose of this show is not only to discover your true purpose and identity but also to say “Hey, you’re not alone. We’re all on this journey together, let’s learn from one another.”

Humbled by the platform and relationships God has given her, we can plan to hear from her brother and Fear of God designer, Jerry Lorenzo, singer Kelly Rowland, model Hailey Bieber, former editor in chief of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth and more.

We stand in admiration of Natalie putting the spiritual spotlight amongst individuals with significant cultural influence, with God as both the genesis and revelation of the conversation. Imagine how many people she will reach? Imagine how many lives will change?

With that, we’ll be cheering her on as her new show premieres Sunday, March 3 on the Hillsong Network! Will you be watching? Does her story inspire you to do what God has called you to do? #GTIAMuse

A RECAP OF HER STYLE: Natalie offers the quentessential definition of LA cool. Chic sunnies, slick effortless hair, bold red lip, paired with vintage concert tees, oversized jackets, classic denim, leather, and the iconic black turtleneck (get the look with our high-neck top here). #GTIAWoman

show: @nowwithnatalieshow
IG: @nataliemanuallee


Talk to you soon!

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