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A black, creative woman of faith making her own kind of history

it took me a while to fall in love with my beauty. 
she's always been there, i just didnt understand her. because in comparison to everyone else, she stood out in a way that used to make me uncomfortable. i misunderstood her unparalled aesthetic as something to be ashamed of instead of a quality that was unique. alluring. and divine. 
but with time, i grew to love and celebrate her. and i now rejoice in the knowing that i am beauty. and beauty is me. 


Deun Ivory is brilliant visionary and creative storyteller, whose work captures an incredible, yet minimal aesthetic that offers a beautiful perspective on womanhood and artistry. With each stroke of her hands, whether it be through pen, paint, or striking visual expressions, she embodies the essence of making woman feel and look like art  - empowering, affirming and celebrating us through the pillars of self-confidence, self-love and creative purpose.

According to Deun, 'her life's work is to serve, empower and celebrate women of color through a series of creative practices. In a nutshell: She uses her platform to celebrate black womanhood. Driven by the need to see women of color living their best lives, she utilizes affirmative words and stunning imagery to show them how to discover their magic + walk in it.'

A woman whose Instagram bio reads, 'get off Instagram + go read your Bible,' she operates with God at the helm of her creative purpose/work, with declarations and proclamations of truth on notes of self-discovery, vulnerability, expression and releasing the suffocating viewpoints of those around us.

In a profound journal entry, Deun once wrote, 'The more i seek God, the more confident + content I become in this life. It becomes apparent that all the things I seek in this world have already been given to me through my faith in Christ. The desires I have to be loved. Celebrated. Deemed important. To be seen. To be told I’m beautiful. To belong. Those things were granted to me the second I came into being. God is the source. God is the giver of peace. The giver of all things. My life is a pure example of his grace. My being able to understand that is grace. God has given me everything. He has given you everything. Meditate on that. Allow gratitude to consume you + recognize that God is the reason. His goodness is not contingent on our flaws and failures. Smh. He’s that Good.'

With the aforementioned state of mind, Deun personifies what it means to be a GTIA Muse -- A modern, creative and stylish woman of faith, doing incredible and thoughtful work, with God as her power source. Additionally, her purpose-filled work is congruent to one of our core pillars of helping women realize that we are art ... masterpiece's sculpted and created by the hands of the most-High God. #ThenGodMadeWoman

A thought leader in the black creative space, Deun's eye for incredible imagery and elegant use of minimalism has led to partnerships with Nike, Apple, VSCO, Netflix, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren and Makeup Forever. All of which, has allowed Deun to create a space for black women to be celebrated and 'be easy,' and has produced a significant platform and beautiful representation for women to 'be' who God has created them to become. #GTIAMuse  #ThenGodMadeDeunIvory

A RECAP OF HER STYLE: Feminine, vintage, simple yet peculiar, minimal. Those are five words I would use to describe her outward expression of style. A lover of vintage wear, high-waist bottoms, earrings that resemble small pieces of art, accompanied by a dope shade of lipstick, Deun is a woman who frequently wears her hair in its glorious natural state, and can also be seen incorporating a headpiece as a style accessory -- meaning she is never absent of wearing her beautiful crown. #GTIAWoman

written by: Alana Frazier
founder, God Thinks I Am


IG: @deunivory