We Were Featured in ELLE Magazine!!

Elle Magazine_God Thinks I Am_Then God Made Woman_Alana Frazier.png

Gosh, it's so amazing the places God will take you. The rooms He'll put you in.

And, the global fashion and lifestyle magazine He allowed our brand, God Thinks I Am/Then, God Made Woman, to be featured in -- None other than Elle Magazine.


A few months ago, I received a message on Instagram from a writer from Elle Magazine regarding a story she was developing on the women of Hillsong, and how the Christian faith has been increasingly embraced by the fashion crowd in Los Angeles. The only faith-based apparel line mentioned in the entire piece, she was attracted to our approach because it thoughtfully showcased a new generation of fashion conscious women embracing faith in their own way.

I was humbled to say the least. Nervous to be interviewed by such a large and major publication, to say the least. Proud, to say the least — That although a small piece of a broader story, in a lot of ways we were being written as part of history. History from the perspective of faith being featured in a mainstream publication on full-display for the world to see and read about God, ‘God Thinks I Am’ and ‘Then, God Made Woman’ (in Elle Magazine of all places), for an opportunity that I did not seek, or hire someone for — proof that indeed GOD is the most supreme publicist.

With that, I am immensely thankful for Hayley Phelan, the writer and modern woman of faith who ideated the story concept. Thankful to Jessica Pipkins, who I went to high school and college with, who prayed over me and provided tips so that I would do well in the interview. Thankful to my loved ones for being there for me since Day 1. Thankful to you all for believing so much in our brand. And most importantly, thankful forever and ever to the most-High GOD.

Without further ado, I hope you’ll read and enjoy the entire Elle Magazine piece here, I’m referenced twice in the article : ) The article is also featured in the print edition of the September issue of the magazine, the biggest and most-highly coveted one of the year!

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Ahhh! God is so Good!

founder, God Thinks I Am