Do You Realize Just How Incredible You Are?

God Thinks I Am

An introduction of how understanding God is the prerequisite to the understanding of self.

Indeed, it is natural to marvel at the women, things and objects we deem as supreme. All of which, the result of our admiration of their beauty, strength, ambiguity, and depth, and in sum, represent the highest form of God’s art and creation. The beauty of a sunset, the grace of a woman, the brilliant hue of blue in the sky above. These are things we inherently and naturally admire, of which, were authored and created by the same God that created ... you.

Yes. You, me, we --- were created and authored by an intelligent and incredible God. An undisputed fact each of can proudly state.

So, what happens when we study the components that comprise the essence of who God is? We see symptoms of ourselves in Him. A lover, a giver, a creator, a doer, a blessing to others, one that is without fear, and quite frankly, one that is nothing short of incredible.

And so, I encourage you to immerse yourself and truly begin to study who God ‘is.’

Because, wouldn't it be fascinating and transformative to see images of what our highest self could be ?

It is also equally profound and important to view ourselves the way God intended us to be, and that is as incredible, beautiful and powerful women, just like He is . And when we do that, our confidence in God and self, can only mount to incredible new levels, because it is only then, that we will truly see God's reflection 'in' us. Furthermore, it will also mark the beginning of the fullness, and authentic understanding of our true limitless potential, as we redefine and rewrite the perspective of how we view ourselves.

We think highly of God, so as His creation and defined masterpiece, shouldn’t we, too, think of ourselves as such?

No matter how you reflect upon yourself, every second of the day, the above is how God sees you .

So, are you committed to viewing yourself, according to God’s point of view?

Now is the time to define and/or redefine our self worth. To introduce a new dialogue in our thinking regarding self. For indeed it is God’s intention, and my hope and prayer, that we open our minds toward a powerful and incredible new voice of confidence. And both love, and become the woman that lives in your imagination -- and that is, the woman God dreamed and created you to be.

Lifting you up always,