Introducing: GTIA Swim

I’m Good Enough

For the first time, I decided not to hire models for the God Thinks I Am editorial campaign. And that, I would instead not just be the author of all the words you read, but the face of what it looks like to be a woman comfortable in her own body. The face of a woman worthy enough to be on the front-line of her own brand’s imagery. The face of a woman not worried about the criticism, or lack of ‘likes’ the images may receive. The face of confidence, and one that is in full belief of how God sees her. Because, I am good enough. In fact, I’m more than enough.

My God, there’s an indescribable freedom that comes with that, and I pray I can pass this level of confidence onto you with our new ‘Then, God Made Woman’ swimsuit available now in our online store. I hope that it makes you feel like a woman … beautiful … powerful … confident … one who is proud of herself, and like the brilliant masterpiece God created you to be.

Speaking of incredible women, I’d also like to give a special shoutout to Shaylin Jones, my accountability partner, hairstylist and photographer for the shoot. Thank you for collaborating on this project, and for pushing and believing in me.

Shaylin, who is a celebrity hairstylist in Los Angeles, is also launching a luxury hair line, which I am beautifully wearing in the campaign imagery. When I tell you I have never felt more amazing, I am telling the honest to God truth! Check her out ladies!

And now, I invite you to take an exclusive behind the scenes look at our campaign shoot in Laguna Beach, California.

Check out our new lookbook and shop our new swimwear.

Talk to you soon!