Change the Way You Think: 3 Daily Mantras To Help Fuel an Amazingly, Productive Day

a B A P T I S M. Cleansing Away Negative Thoughts.

Ah yes, it’s the beginning of another amazing week. Your to-do list is massive, you’ve got tons of meetings, a big presentation to give, exams to study for, and loads of content to write. The notion of ‘catching your breath’ in order to keep up with the demands of your life can sometimes be quite overwhelming, and you sometimes feel like you can’t quite do it all.

But, That’s Where The Mind, And Changing The Way You Think Comes Into Major Play.

We’re embarking on journey of cleansing ourselves of any notion of self-doubt, and so we thought we’d share a few of our favorite mantras that give us the POWER, and SELF-CONFIDENCE that reminds us that we can do it all, with both confidence and excellence, and with God as the source:

Mantra #1: God Thinks Only The Best Of Me

This is a BIG one, since self-deprecating thoughts sometimes rule the musical notes contained within our thoughts. In that they repeat in our minds, over and over, and over again (time to change to a new song ladies, right?). There’s so much power in reminding ourselves that God doesn’t have any bad thoughts of us, and that he thinks only the best of us, in terms of who we are and what we’re capable of doing. Remind yourself of this daily, and get on board with God’s way of thinking, in every thought you have about yourself.

Mantra #2: God Thinks I Am Capable

Whew! Did you hear us?! God thinks YOU are capable of doing EVERYTHING that comes your way today. You are capable of doing things you never thought you’d have the mental or physical capacity to do. That’s right YOU are.

God has given you so much power to do incredible things, but do you believe you can do them? Well, this is our reminder to you today that indeed you can!

Mantra #3: I Can Do This. Why? Because God’s POWER Lives Within Me

As you approach a difficult task today that seems daunting, or beyond your ‘perceived intellect,’ remind yourself of this very mantra. As a matter of fact, remind yourself of it every morning as you get your morning started, mid-day when your activities are in full swing, or when it’s late in the evening, and you’re on your wits end. Remind yourself of the power that lives within you, and that you got this!

What are some other thoughts that help get you through the day? Let us know in the comments section below!