A Day in the Life: How I Personally and Intentionally Use God's Word, and Elevated Thoughts, to Push Through My Business and Career

Our founder, Alana, wearing the 'higher thoughts' tank, while feeling victorious after completing a challenging hike in Arizona -- all due to the strength of her mind.

Our founder, Alana, wearing the 'higher thoughts' tank, while feeling victorious after completing a challenging hike in Arizona -- all due to the strength of her mind.

It's a new year meaning -- a new start, a new beginning, a new you, and ... a new mindset, too.

From setting forth new years resolutions to leaving poor habits behind in 2017, this month marks the commencement of operating and becoming our highest selves. But the execution, follow-through and consistency of every goal we have, or decision we make, all begins in the mind, along with the mental conversations we have with ourselves on a habitual basis.

This year, I've made the decision to continue to change the narrative of the thoughts that occur in my mind on a daily basis by using the strength and power of God's word, in order to most effectively seize the day. For me, it’s truly a means of survival, and living my absolute best life every single day -- as I navigate the ins and outs of managing both a business and career.

Many of you are likely unaware of this, however, in addition to operating God Thinks I Am, I work full-time in advertising for one of the largest brands in the world, on an incredibly demanding team. Long, stressful days, along with sometimes being exceptionally hard on myself can, at moments, have me question myself and my ability to perform at high-levels of excellence, at all times .

One day in particular was especially tough, and resulted in my internal feeling of inadequacy, and as though I wasn't entirely cut out for the job. This was all done while filling my mind with tons of self-doubt as I pondered on everything that needed to be accomplished in the days, weeks and months ahead. But the next day, I decided to take charge, responsibility and control of my thoughts. And, here's a breakdown of what happened when I did just that:

6:30 a.m.   Wake up, and read daily Bible app scripture (thank GOD for this app!) -- Hebrews 11:6

6:35 a.m.   Spend time with God through prayer and conversation, thanking Him for allowing myself and my loved ones to see another day, while asking Him to guide my mind, tongue, actions and steps throughout the day

6:45 a.m.   Do a full-body stretch to get my blood following, followed by a quick ab and leg workout

6:57 a.m.   Drink water and eat fruit, and recite in my mind positive mental affirmations in order to set the tone for the day: I am beautiful; I am intelligent; I provide value wherever I go; I am wealthy; I am a blessing; I am successful; I am prosperous; I am a light; Favor and abundance surround me; Today is going to be a great day; I can do, become and manifest all these things because God thinks I can

7:03 a.m.   Shower

7:25 a.m.   Listen to my girl Joyce Meyer preach a message on 'What do you think about?,' dust on makeup and get dressed. While deciding what to wear, I was intentional in looking my best , but also decided to wear my 'higher thoughts' tank underneath my black power blazer to serve as a subtle reminder to think only the best thoughts throughout the day

8:28 a.m.   Head out for work, blasting 'The Best is Yet to Come' by Kirk Franklin

8:45 a.m.   Arrive to my client's global headquarters (early!) for the first of seven meetings today, with a launch this week and next, then another one next month

8:50 a.m.   10 minutes before my first client meeting of the day, feeling a little nervous, I continually remind myself that I can do all things through God's power and strength

10:00 a.m.  Feeling okay now, did pretty well in both back-to-back meetings today. Now headed back to the office

10 - 11 a.m.  Catch up on email , but reminding myself again that I can do all things

11:00 a.m.   Kilt the meeting lol

11:15 a.m.    Notified of an emergency for one of our campaign pieces. Gave myself a mental reminder to be full of God's peace and that through Him, I can get through this. This is especially important because my leadership style is all about leading with grace, and remaining calm under fire/pressure

12:00 p.m.   Post content on God Thinks I Am (GTIA) social pages, engage with the posts/DMs, and respond to a couple emails

1:00 p.m.     Back in advertising client servicing mode: Kilt the meeting again lol; Now moving through the day with ease, even though there's much to be accomplished

3:00 p.m.     Finally lunch

8:00 p.m.     Off work, completing an 11-hour work day

8:15 p.m.       Shifting gears back to GTIA. To be honest, my internal gas tank is running on 'empty' because I'm so tired from a busy day at work, but I still need to complete GTIA order shipping and fulfillment, among other things. I ask God for strength to do His work. I then package the items, pray over the garments and write hand-written notes for each of them, then head to the Post Office to drop off said orders

8:45 p.m.      Grocery store run: Grab food and flowers

9:35 p.m.       Provide creative feedback on a GTIA design piece, and respond to GTIA emails from the day

10:15 p.m.      Eat dinner, and enjoy a small glass of rose'

10:45 p.m.     End the day in prayer, thanksgiving and reflection. Then, visualize conquering the next day ahead

Whew! That was such a busy day, and to be frank, is a typical one for me. I recall specifically feeling much better in comparison to the day prior, of which, I felt defeated, not good enough and incapable. But on the above day, I felt like a conqueror with renewed confidence and strength, and it all started with a positive, God-centered mindset, and 'higher thoughts' :)

I hope this look at a day of my life blesses and encourages you to use the power in your mind, coupled with God's power and strength, to move away from the constraints of doubtful thinking, and instead help you take charge of your day -- which in sum will mean, taking charge of your life.

Lots of love + many blessings to you,

founder, God Thinks I Am

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