A Match Made in Creative Heaven: Plus, A Behind the Scenes Look From Our Winter Shoot

Irida Mete. Photographer and Graphic Designer.

Irida and I had been exchanging emails for the past few months, and were finally able to meet face-to-face. She was a petite, blonde-haired gal with hazel eyes, dressed in all black. Sort of like me. Except my skin, hair and eyes are dark brown, just like the coffee beans that permeated the air at the uber cool spot in Detroit where we decided to meet, Great Lakes Coffee.

To be honest with you, it can be somewhat nerve-wracking when you first meet with someone to discuss and share your vision. But the awesome thing is, Irida and I were on the exact same page from start to finish (hence the title of this blog post). We opted for a minimalistic, stylish and beautiful approach for how we would capture the God Thinks I Am Winter collection, and she and I co-directed and co-styled the shoot. We wanted everything to be right, so we spent a lot of time together making sure the work we would execute would be our best work. And, I think we were able to do just that.

Oh, and of course I can’t forget our models -- LaPorcshia and Laura. Such beautiful girls, whose inner spirits shined brighter than their outer beauty. They were both on fire for God. In fact, much of the shoot, we talked about how awesome God is, as well as the importance of instilling confidence in young girls and women. And, our MUA, Cassandra Ward was incredible – we even found out we were members of the same church!

All in all, the shoot was a win-win ! So I'm super excited to share with you an exclusive behind the scenes look of our Winter campaign:

p.s. Stay tuned, we'll be launching our Winter collection sooner than you think! Are you ladies just as excited as I am?! Hope so!

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Talk to you soon!